the skeptic

Saturday, September 13
So long fellow bloggers. It was fun, but this blog is now retired. Of course, the links to the left will continue to work for some time, so by all means check them out... Thanks to those who have linked and commented.

the skeptic

Thursday, August 28
Don't know much about the number of Africans in the Middle East, but their presence has led to a confrontation between Salam Pax's family and U.S. soldiers:
Anyway so my brother and father start talking to the medic and he tells them what this is about. They have been "informed" that there are daily meetings the last five days, Sudanese people come into our house at 9am and stay till 3pm, we are a probable Ansar cell. My father is totally baffled, my brother gets it. These are not Sudanese men they are from Basra the "informer" is stupid enough to forget that there is a sizeable population in Basra who are of African origin.

Tuesday, August 26
Think Obasanjo convinced Taylor to leave Liberia? Maybe you should guess again...

Wednesday, August 20
Who knew?
This site is certified 45% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Salam Pax fears the worst
I am plunging into a fucking depression, do we have a future? is this country going to be hijacked by shit extremists who want to prove a point?
we have plunged into darkness.

The Atlantic Online | Flashbacks | Our Liberian Legacy

Friday, August 15
Electricity, it turns out, has destroyed friendliness.

Tuesday, August 12
Can you guess what this story's about? Fill in the blank of this quote: "It's fairly well widespread. Lots of ______ are experiencing pain and suffering." (skeptic's emphasis)

Friday, August 8
Weird to see an editor's comments in the NYT:
The manual had its beginning 100 years ago when typesetters at the University of Chicago Press wrote up a list of dos and don'ts. The first edition was published in 1906. It had some endearing advice. Page 99: 'Read everything as if you yourself were the author, and your reputation and fortune depended upon its accuracy.' On the same page: 'Don't stultify yourself and discredit the office by asking foolish questions on the proof.' (All editors take note.) [No commercials, please. Ed.]